As a homeowner, you need to maintain your property so that it looks excellent, provides a location for family enjoyment, and also keeps everyone safe. That being said, mildew can be a common problem.

But does pressure washing remove mildew? Keep reading to discover the answer and learn how to keep mildew and mold at bay.

Does Pressure Washing Remove Mildew?

Yes, pressure washing and power washing is an excellent way to get rid of mildew. Using the right spray setting and pressure with chemical solutions can kill the mildew so it doesn’t come back over time.

Additionally, the pressure itself can knock off a lot of the more surface level mildew. If scrubbing is needed, then our expert technicians will do that as well. But for most cases, the answer to “Can pressure washing remove mildew?” is absolutely.

How Does Mildew Form?

Moisture is the biggest source of mildew. It loves damp areas. This means that you can get mildew from poor ventilation, cracked water pipes, flooding, roof leaks, sink overflows, and indoor humidity. As you might imagine, in Florida, it doesn’t take long for mildew to grow.

The Dangers Of Mildew

If mildew is not eliminated quickly, it can lead to rotting wood, additional fungus, and airborne problems such as respiratory illnesses. Once mildew forms, it quickly grows, spreading into toys, walls, carpets, and more.

How Can You Get Rid Of Mildew?

Air Out The Home

When possible, keep the windows open to encourage fresh air flow from the indoors to the outdoors. Have your home inspected for mildew presence. Have professionals come out and evaluate areas of your home that may be prone to mildew.

Be Aware Of Any Streaks Or Smells

The tell-tale signs of mildew, such as visible spots or a musty smell, should be dealt with immediately. Half of the battle with mildew is keeping it from spreading.


Occasionally, you can paint over a surface to renew it. However, when mildew has already infected it, you may need to do more than a simple paint job. Consider replacing drywall, wood paneling, siding, and other materials if mildew has already taken hold.

Get Pressure Washing Services Today

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