If you find yourself wondering, “Why are my windows dirty after it rains?” It can be a frustrating experience.

So in this blog post, let’s talk about some of the common reasons that your windows might be smudged, streaky, or otherwise less than completely clean. That way, you can know the right methods to fix the problem as well.

Does Rain Make My Windows Dirty? Yes And No

Rain & Windows 101

Obviously, rain is an excellent thing for nature, our plants, our trees, and more. Plus, who doesn’t love to go to sleep to the nice sound of the pitter-patter?

Rain is one of the primary causes of streaky or dirty windows. And there are a lot of reasons for this. Let’s talk about some of the more obvious reasons, along with some of the reasons you might not have thought about before. Those include:

The Screens

There’s a little known fact that rainwater typically actually isn’t the culprit for dirty windows. Rainwater is fairly clean for the most part.

But screens are something that can cause pollen, debris, and other grime to collect. Sure, they act as an important filter for mosquitoes, pests, and more. However, as rain splatters against the screens, it collects the dirt and dust off of the screens and splatters it onto the window.

Therefore, it might be technically correct to say that rain causes dirty windows, but it’s really the screens that often do the damage.

The Environment

Sometimes acid rain can be an issue, especially in some parts of Florida. Acid rain is typically rain that has a higher level of hydrogen and a low pH. It can have a harmful effect on your windows, aquatic animals, and more.

Cleaning dirty windows after rain regularly is essential to avoid acid rain damaging your property or surrounding wildlife. In fact, dirty windows are also quite bad for your health, too.


The wind tends to blow rain around before it can completely drip off of your windows, leaving dry streaks. Of course, these add up and create a filmy texture across your windows that need to be cleaned.

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