Taking care of your home’s exterior is incredibly important. From window cleaning, to pressure washing, to soft washing, you have different approaches available. When you hire the experts to bring those window cleaning, we’ll choose the best method for your needs.

Ultimately, we’ll encourage safety, cleanliness, and enhanced curb appeal. That being said, you might be wondering about whether pressure washing vs soft washing is best.

Let’s talk about some of the differences between soft washing and pressure washing in Gainesville, FL. Therefore, you can have a better idea of what might be best for your exterior cleaning needs.

Pressure Wash Vs Soft Wash: What’s The Difference?

Just like there’s a distinction between pressure washing and power washing, the same goes for soft washing. Let’s break down the difference between soft wash and pressure wash approaches:

Soft Washing

Soft washing is a lower pressure technique used to wash the exterior in different areas of the home. It uses soaps, solutions, disinfectants, and water. The lower pressure washing device.

Also, soft washing doesn’t rely on high pressure like typical pressure washing and power washing solutions. Instead, the solution settles in and eats away at dirt, grime, mildew, and debris.

From there, we’ll rinse away the excess to reveal a clean, debris-free surface once again. Soft washing can be incredibly gentle and easy to manage. Therefore, it’s better for certain materials that may be prone to getting dented, chipped, or otherwise harmed during the cleaning process.

However, in some scenarios, soft washing can’t get rid of dirt that’s too heavily embedded and requires higher levels of pressure. Additionally, soft washing may take a little bit more time than pressure washing in order to achieve the end results.

Pressure Washing / Power Washing

Pressure washing and power washing are very similar. Power washing is essentially pressure washing with the addition of heat.

That being said, both of these techniques use very high pressurized nozzles to blast away dirt, grime, and other debris from your home. Pressure washing is incredibly beneficial for cleaning driveways, certain types of roofs, certain types of siding, decks, patios, and more.

It can get rid of discoloration incredibly quickly, as well as stains on decks or other porous materials. However, soft washing is sometimes preferable to pressure washing because that much power can harm certain materials.

Which Is Better: Pressure Washing Or Soft Washing?

At the end of the day, determining which technique will be better comes down to your specific property, your goals, and mold or infestation growth. Our experts will determine the best technique to protect your property while providing safety and cleanliness.

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