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Don't let the dirt and grime on your windows bring down the appearance of your space. Contact us today for a free estimate, and we will take care of everything.

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Window cleaning service in Fort Myers, FL

At Sabrina's, we take great pride in providing excellent window cleaning services in Fort Myers, FL. With the help of our knowledge, experience, and specialized tools, we guarantee to make your windows sparkle and shine. We are steadfast in our commitment to our customers, so we treat your home with the utmost care and respect. Our technicians are properly trained and equipped with shoe covers so that your floors and rugs stay clean and unsoiled. We cover your floors, window treatments, and furniture with drop cloths as well as move and replace any furniture needed for the job.

We offer a free, personalized quote that is tailored to your specific needs, requirements, and budget because every home is unique. Our goal is to consistently provide outstanding service and go above and beyond your expectations. To learn more about our services and to receive a free estimate, contact us right away. Don’t delay! We look forward to working with you to make your windows shine like never before. Let us help you improve the look and feel of your home or office with our top-notch window cleaning services in Fort Myers, FL.

Pressure washing service in Fort Myers, FL

Regular pressure washing and the right maintenance are required to protect your investment and keep your home in good shape. If you have vinyl siding, it is important to avoid pressure-washing and instead wipe it down with detergent and spray it with a hose. For other types of exterior siding, it is important to check for fit and tightness on all seams, corners, and trim, seal cracks if needed, and look for holes and cracks in the siding along every surface.

Pressure washing may seem like a simple task, but if done incorrectly, it can be an expensive and time-consuming undertaking. Damage restoration may be more expensive than doing it yourself. Although doing the work yourself might seem like the best course of action, it's frequently best to leave it to the professionals because we are aware that every person has different needs. The trained professionals at Sabrina’s Window Cleaning are skilled at pressure washing, and we take great pride in our work. Receive a free quote today for top-notch pressure washing and window cleaning services in Fort Myers, FL.

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Why Choose Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing Services from Sabrina's?

What makes us the best!

  • Well-trained technicians take pride in providing you with the highest quality window cleaning services
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee or your money back
  • Flexible appointments to accommodate your schedule
  • Top-notch customer service

We also offer a full list of services to cover your needs:

  • Window cleaning services
  • Pressure washing and pressure cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Shutter installation and removal
  • Indoor cleaning of fans and mirrors
  • Home detailing

Family-Owned Business

Sabrina’s Window Cleaning remains a family-owned company. Our family works hard to create a wonderful experience for our customers. To learn more about our services or schedule an appointment, call us today!

FAQs About Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing In Fort Myers

Can high pressure washing damage the exterior of my home?

High-pressure washing can harm your home if not performed correctly, as it can damage weathered brick and surfaces with mortar, loose materials, gutters, and downspouts. However, if done correctly, pressure washing can be efficient in cleaning your home's exterior. To avoid causing damage, hire a professional.

What is power washing?

Power washing, also known as pressure washing, is a cleaning method that uses a high-pressure water spray to remove dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and other types of buildup from surfaces. A power washer uses a motorized pump to pressurize water and force it through a nozzle at a high velocity, creating a powerful stream of water that can remove even the toughest stains and debris.

Is there a difference between power washing and pressure washing?

The terms "power washing" and "pressure washing" are often used interchangeably, and there is no significant difference between the two. Both methods involve using a high-pressure water spray to clean surfaces, and the equipment used for both methods is typically the same.

However, some people may use the term "power washing" to refer to a pressure washing method that uses heated water, whereas "pressure washing" typically refers to the use of unheated water. This heated water method is sometimes called "hot water pressure washing."

Is there a difference between cold water and hot water pressure washing?

the main difference between cold water and hot water pressure washing is the cleaning power. Hot water pressure washers are more effective at removing oil and grease stains, making them ideal for certain cleaning tasks. Cold water pressure washers are generally used for removing dirt and other debris from surfaces. The choice between the two types of pressure washers may depend on the specific cleaning needs and the equipment available

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