Pressure washing in Tampa is an excellent way to protect your property now and going forward. It can make it look like it is brand new again. This is perfect for listing your home, keeping up with the “Joneses,” or simply enjoying better aesthetics in your daily life.

That’s not to mention the fact that you can avoid property damage and health hazards from mold and fungus growth. That being said, you might be wondering “How much does it cost to pressure wash a house?” So let’s explore some of the factors that go into that decision.

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The Cost Of Power Washing A House

So what is the price to pressure wash a house? Let’s take a look at some of the factors that factor into the average cost to pressure wash house:

The Materials Of The Siding

An overlooked aspect of answering “How much does it cost to pressure wash a house?” is the siding.

The siding of your house can dictate whether or not pressure washing is even possible. For instance, if you have stucco, then soft washing is superior because it won’t damage the material, yet it will still allow you to achieve cleanliness.

Furthermore, vining or metal is typically able to be power washed. So this can create a faster project that can ultimately lower your costs overall.

Additional Exterior Surfaces That Need To Be Power Washed

House pressure washing costs need to include additional areas or surfaces. Depending on the other surfaces that need to be power washed aside from the home itself, it could take more time. This of course will be factored into the overall price.

For instance, if you need your deck power washed, this is considered a whole unit in and of itself. It may require special tools, solutions, and an approach to prevent damaging the wood.

The same goes for power washing your driveway or sidewalk. So in short, the more areas of your property that need to be cleaned, the more you should plan on budgeting.

The Size Of Your Home

As you might imagine, smaller homes will be less expensive to power wash. They use less time, energy, and team members. Larger homes, especially those that are multi-story, can take significantly longer to properly clean.

For this reason, you should expect the cost to pressure wash the house to go up with more square footage and height of the home.

Whether Or Not The Roof Needs To Be Power Washed

Roofing, like some types of siding, can sometimes require soft washing instead of pressure washing. This is to avoid damaging shingles or other fragile components of the roof.

Ultimately the aim is to prevent property damage that could cost you in the end. So for that reason, our professionals will take their time to clean it with exactly the right methods instead of risking property damage.

Overall, this may contribute to your estimate. Different roofs will factor into the cost to power wash a house.

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