It’s a great idea to get your home pressure washed consistently. However, you should particularly have this service done after a rainstorm.

But why do you need pressure washing after a storm? We’ll answer that below. That way you can ensure that your property is kept in the best condition possible.

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Why You Need Pressure Washing After A Storm

So, why do you need pressure wash after a disaster?


Well, storms bring a lot of moisture with them. If this moisture is not cleaned off with the right cleaning solutions and equipment, it can encourage the growth of fungus-like mold and mildew.

These spores absolutely adore humidity, warmth, and sunshine. So storms create a habitat that spores can thrive in. Some of these spores are even deadly, such as black mold. They can cause respiratory issues, trouble breathing, asthma attacks, and more. It’s incredibly important to keep your home from becoming a sick bay.

Property Damage

Your rooftops and gutters can quickly become damaged by excess rain. The gutters can become clogged, which creates excess pressure and causes breakage in the material. Additionally, your roof can experience leaks.

Certain roofing materials can become ruined or significantly discolored thanks to algae and mold. This isn’t to mention your driveway, fence, deck, patio, and other parts of your exterior. So curb appeal is one important reason to have your home pressure washed after a storm. Your home pressure washed after a storm.

Safety First

Water mixed with algae and moss creates a slipping hazard. Whether you have young children or older folks living with you, you need to ensure that all walking surfaces are safe for foot traffic.

Home Value

Sometimes life doesn’t always revolve around your ideal timing. So if you’re planning to list your home and a storm comes through your area, you should reach out to the car washing professional.

The last thing you want is for potential buyers to have a negative first impression simply because your windows and other outdoor surfaces are dusty and dirty.

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