When it comes to window cleaning, it’s one of the most important services you can do for your home or business. And it doesn’t take very long for windows to get dirty. But if you’re wondering, “How often should you clean windows?” then keep reading.

We’ll explore “How often should you wash windows?” among other questions. That way, your property performs and looks its best at all times.

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How Often Do Windows Need To Be Cleaned?

Before going into the timeline specifics of questions like “How often should I clean my windows” or “How often to wash windows” let’s look at some key reasons to have this service performed:

The Benefits Of Professional Window Cleaning

Before jumping into “How often should you wash windows,” let’s talk about some of the primary benefits:


When you hire professionals, we’ll clean windows no matter where they’re placed on your property. From high rises to multi-story homes, we can do it all. So stay out of harm’s way and don’t risk climbing on a ladder or getting hurt yourself. Professionals take this off your hands.


Your time is the only resource that never replenishes itself. So instead of spending labor-intensive hours trying to wash your windows yourself, let Sabrina’s Windows Cleaning send our expert crew out for you.

You can spend your days with your family and passions instead of wiping down glass. So, “How often should windows be cleaned?” Any time you want some “me” time back.

Better Quality

The risk of DIY window washing is that you could not have the right tools on hand.

Best cleaning results

You could even damage your windows or window sills using the wrong chemicals, drying equipment, and more. However, when you hire Sabrina’s Window Cleaning, you can rest assured that your glass will be left clean and sparkling just like new.

Health Issues

Not only can mild mold and dust build up on your windows, making them ugly, but this kind of debris can also circulate throughout your home. The last thing you want to do is breathe in harmful bacteria, fungi, or mold. It can cause respiratory issues and worse.

Curb Appeal

You’re supposed to look through your windows, not at them. Dirty, foggy windows will make your home look dull, dark, uninviting, and unattractive. On the other hand, clean windows create excellent first impressions.

Let’s talk about how often you should get window washing done:


For residential properties, window cleaning should be done two or three times a year. There are some factors that can determine whether you should get it done more often. This includes pollen, trees, busy streets, and other environmental factors.

Essentially, if there are more elements that could cause dirt or dust to accumulate on your windows, you should consider having the service done more frequently.

Commercial Property

When it comes to commercial property, cleaning your windows frequently is essential. Just like in residential areas, if you live on a busy street or somewhere where pollen and dust can build up, this accelerates your timeline between cleanings.

Additionally, if you have an important client coming to visit, you’re going to be leasing or selling the property. Those are other situations in which you may want to have professionals clean up your exterior.

How Often Should You Clean Your Windows? Conclusion

If you have any questions about the frequency of exterior washing, reach out to the best window cleaners in Bradenton today. Our team is dedicated to delivering top-notch service, and we are delighted to extend our expertise to Clearwater, Tampa, Naples, The Villages and other Gulf Coast and Central Florida areas.

At Sabrina’s Window Cleaning we have decades of experience in expert exterior cleaning. Whether you need pressure washing, window cleaning, or more, we have you covered. So get a free quote now, and make sure your property is looking its best.