Pressure washing in Naples, FL is an excellent investment in your home and commercial property. It can help clean the exterior of dangerous bacteria, ugly grime, and other debris.

That being said, a common question that people have is “How much water does a pressure washer use?” So in this article, let’s answer that question. We’ll talk about the different factors that go into how much water is used when getting pressure washing services.

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The Benefits Of Pressure Washing

Before getting into the cost, let’s talk about some of the reasons why it’s important to get pressure washing services.

Save Time And Energy

Instead of washing your exterior by yourself, you can save a lot of hassle and energy by hiring professionals for pressure washing. Our professional equipment will speed up the time it takes while allowing you to focus on other things that are important to you.


A clean home is a safe home. When milled, mold, bacteria and pollen build up, they can create dangers in the air. These bacteria, fungi and pollen can get into your respiratory system.

Ultimately, this can cause coughing, sneezing, headaches and even pneumonia symptoms. So don’t worsen any underlying health conditions. Have a pressure washing company help you keep your exterior safe today.


The cost is a lot cheaper to have consistent maintenance and cleaning on your property than it is to have to replace materials more frequently. For instance, when you let water, mold or other debris build up, it can damage and eat away at your exterior materials.

This means you have to replace them more often than you would have to otherwise. Therefore, pressure washing actually saves money, even though it does use some of your water supply.

That being said, now let’s get into some of the factors that determine how much water pressure washing uses.

Factors That Impact Water Usage of Pressure Washers

Firstly, let’s answer “how many gallons per minute does a pressure washer use” and “how many gallons of water does a pressure washer use”?

On average, a pressure washer uses about 1.5 gallons of water per minute. For comparison, a garden hose will use about 8.5 gallons per minute. You read that right. The average garden hose is about seven times more wasteful than a pressure washer is when it comes to water usage.

This might seem counterintuitive, but it’s actually one of the reasons that pressure washing is such a cost-effective investment in your home or business property. One of the reasons is that a pressure washer has a smaller nozzle.

This creates a higher pressure, but it also means less water escapes at one time. This is what allows it to get rid of the dirt, degrime, mold, and other buildup on your exterior.

What Determines Cost?

The Size Of The Area That Needs To Be Cleaned

The square footage of the area that needs to be pressure power washed will affect how much water usage ultimately occurs. For instance, a smaller deck or patio will take less time and therefore use less water to clean than a larger square area.

Also, complex designs or multi-levels will take longer to clean and therefore potentially use more water as well.

The Degree Of Buildup

Depending on how much mold, dirt, or other grime has built up in the area, it could use more water. Obviously, you will need more pressurized water to remove deep, be-seeded stains and a large amount of debris than if there are just a small few spots.

The Length Of Time That It’s Been Since Your Last Cleaning

Ultimately, you should seek to get pressure washing done consistently and frequently. It’ll take less time each session if that’s the case.

Otherwise, stains and grime could really get situated in small crevices and be more difficult to get out. This will require more pressure and more water.

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