A lot of people get pressure washing in Clearwater, FL for their driveways. That’s because the driveway is one of the most heavily trafficked areas of your entire property.

Not only are your vehicles coming and going, but you and your family likely use them for other purposes — whether you’re playing sports, hanging out for a barbecue, or simply receiving guests.

The driveway is like the gateway to the rest of your home. That being said, how long does it take to pressure wash a driveway? Well, keep reading and discover the various factors that go into that calculation. That way you’ll know how much time to set aside to have your driveway properly power cleaned.

The Benefits Of Pressure Washing A Driveway

All you have to do is look at some before and after photos from a power washing company like Sabrina’s Window Cleaning. Then you can see a clear difference.

Quite simply, pressure washing makes your driveway look a hundred times better. But it goes beyond that. Aside from the looks, it also makes your driveway cleaner. It gets rid of mold, bacteria, and grime.

All these nasty things can cause illnesses, allergies, and odd odors. So the primary benefits of pressure washing are visual, health, and safety related.

That being said, how much time is typically needed to have a driveway professionally power washed? Let’s address that in the next section right now.

How Long Does Power Washing A Driveway Take?

If you walked into a restaurant and asked them how long it takes for them to prepare a meal, they would tell you that it depends on what food you order. Well, that metaphor applies to power washing as well.

How long it takes to power wash a driveway depends on the circumstances. For instance, the size of the driveway itself makes a big impact. Secondly, the type of pressure washing tools used affect how long it takes.

An amateur that isn’t using professional tools or isn’t using them correctly will take a lot longer than a pro with the best equipment at his side. And the final major factor is how much dirt, grime, or fungus is on the driveway.

As you might imagine, the more debris there is to clean, the longer it will take. But if you’re looking for a more specific answer, here’s what you should know:

On average, having a professional pressure wash your home’s driveway will take anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

For normal-sized driveways with a mild level of debris, it will tend to be faster. For a giant four-car driveway with lots of grime, it could take a few hours. The best way to know exactly how long it will take is to have a professional come out and give you a time and cost estimate today.


In conclusion, it takes around half an hour more or less to power wash a driveway. As mentioned, there are some factors that could speed that process up or even make it take longer.

Either way, you probably have better things to do with your time, like spending an afternoon with your loved ones. Furthermore, a benefit of hiring professionals is that they can do a better job and leave less damage behind while reducing your risk of airborne debris.

So if you want your driveway looking its best, hire Sabrina’s Window Cleaning today. Discover the beautiful version of your driveway that was always underneath all of that grime.