Having streaks on window panes is unsightly. That’s the case whether you have a home or a business. In Florida, streaks can come at any time of the year. What’s worse is you want to be able to enjoy that nice sunshine and beautiful outdoor scenery.

No matter what time of year it is, it’s always a good idea to have your windows cleaned. In between regular maintenance, you should know how to keep your windows free of streaks as well. In this post, let’s explore some of the top reasons that your windows are streaky so often.

Top Causes Of Streaky Windows

Florida Sunshine

The tropical sun is one of the reasons why this state is so fun to live in. But with so many sunny days per year, it actually creates somewhat of a challenge.

Sunshine is actually counterproductive to cleaning windows. A lot of people don’t realize this. After all, when it’s nice outside, why wouldn’t you be able to see streaks better? But the reality is that cloudy and overcast days are better for cleaning the windows.

This is because the cleaning solution doesn’t dry as fast. In other words, you have the ability to wipe it away before the sun dries it out. However even if you choose the best day to clean your windows, you could still leave streaks if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Too Much Cleaning Mixture

Having the right solution of water, chemicals, and soaps is key. It takes a delicate balance to clean windows effectively and efficiently.

At the same time, using too many chemicals can cause problems. Without the right balance, it could leave streaks. This is even the case if you use a great wiping technique. Furthermore, it could cause damage to the exterior or interior of the home or business.

So, don’t try to create your own solution or cleaner. Leave it to the professionals. They know exactly what to use to clean every type of window in every scenario without leaving streaks behind. That way, your windows are left sparkling and beautiful.

Improper Equipment

People used to think that you could use a coffee filter or vinegar or even newspaper to clean windows. But, as time will tell, that just doesn’t work. There’s a reason that professionals use the best equipment available.

Specialized tools are designed to clean windows quickly, to remove dirt, and get rid of streaks. Even microfiber cloths can be troublesome. As they’ve grown more popular, people think that they serve as a solution for everything.

But again, there’s a reason that experts invest thousands of dollars into the proper equipment. If you don’t want to invest in extra space and inventory, you may as well just let the experts take this task off your hands.

Hard Water

You may not realize that there’s hard and soft water. The water that comes out of your faucet or hose may not be appropriate for cleaning windows. If water is too hard, it has calcium and other minerals that can leave streaks behind.

That’s why a lot of times people are surprised that their windows are still streaky. They think they’ve used the right cleaning solutions without understanding that the water was to blame.

Lack of Experience

Nothing beats experience. A professional window cleaning company, like Sabrina’s Window Cleaning, knows this firsthand. When you’ve cleaned thousands of windows, you know what to expect.

You know what type of water to use, what type of cleaning solutions to use, what types of squeegees or other tools to have on hand. Like any other profession, it takes years of training and knowledge to make sure no smudge is left behind on a window.

Windows Streaky After Cleaning? Call The Pros

Are you ready to have streak-free windows again? Then contact the professionals for window cleaning in Sarasota, FL today. You can enjoy beautiful, dirt-free windows in a rapid time. The best part of it is you can have faith that it’s done the right way. We are pleased to provide our trusted services not only in Sarasota but also in Tampa, The Villages, Clearwater, Naples, and other Gulf Coast and Central Florida areas, ensuring that your windows receive top-quality care and attention.

That way you don’t risk home damage, leftover bacteria, and more. Plus you can save your valuable time for the things you truly want to spend it on.